Rest Haven Seventh-day Adventist® Church

To fully experience Christ through the worship of God, the caring of one another, and the uplifting of humanity.

Small Groups


We have all heard this, “Small Groups are OK for some people but not for me, I’m not the type.  I can read my bible at home and besides I get more out of doing it that way.  If I needed fellowship, Sabbath School and Church work for me."

It's not that Sabbath School and Church don't work, but it's more about getting to know your fellow believer at a deeper level and as a real caring friend. It reaches far beyond the "Good morning how are you, but I really don't have time to listen now," of the typical Sabbath morning greeting. The power of a meaningful sharing group is in connecting with people at a level that is not possible Sabbath morning at the door, or even at the Fellowship meal and certainly during the worship service. Yes Bible study is important but the real power of a sharing group is in the support and fellowship that the members give each other.

Why not join a Sharing Small Group Today?

                         Small Groups Weekly Schedule

Leader                  Phone                Location        Group       Time

Carol Manzon            250-656-5349        Rest Haven          Crafts                3rd Thur 10:30 am

Bob Betts                     259-656-9245        M. Tweedie          B/S Share         Tues. 7:30 pm

Marina Stamp            250-652-4432       Marina Stamp      Bible Study      Wed. 1:30 pm

Jack McCulley .         250-391-8920       Rest Haven            Prayer Mt         Wed 7 pm

Ian Cheeseman        250-658-0193        Cheeseman           B/S Share         Fri 7 pm