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June Recipe of the Month: Sandy Betts - Chocolate Tofu Pie

"Vegetarian Yummy Chocolate Tofu Pie"

2 Boxes Silken Tofu.

8 to 10 oz of your favorite brand of chocolate chips.

3 T of honey (Vegan option:  Can use sweetener of your choice or non at all, if so desired.)

1 - 9" pie crust of your choice (Graham cracker crust from Safeway an easy option.)


                          1. First whip tofu in a food processor until smooth, a blender will also work.

                          2. Heat chocolate chips in a double boiler or a micro wave until melted.

                         3. Stir in honey and then add mixture to the blended tofu in the mixer.

                         4. Pour blended mixture into already baked 9" pie shell.

                         5. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours before serving.

                         5. Can add whipped topping of your choice when served.

                         6. Make 2 pies because everybody will want seconds.

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