Marilyn's Project

Needs come in many shapes and sizes and we were able to help an amazing lady who needed help in a most interesting way. Because of her physical challenges from a serious accident, Marilyn found that there was an opportunity to market eggs that were produced in the natural way. The way that nature intended all of our food should be produced.

The challenge was met by the "Rock" as you can see by building "Chicken Tractors."  We in fact built two of them, plus a large chicken coup to meet Marilyn's unique needs and we seemed to have met the challenge in a big way.

Marilyn can now sell eggs from happy free range chickens that are fed natural organic, gmo free feed, no insecticides or pesticides and  with all of the bugs and grubs that chickens love and need. Plus she is also happy because she has a high value product that can help supplement her small disability pension and at the same time, making the world a greener, happier and healthier place to live.