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Everything Vegan

           Beverages over the top


          Entrees that won't stop


                  Green is beautiful


                   Soup to die for


                        Bring on the pies


                  Not just any old buns


                 Sauces to bring home


Click Here to register for the next  vegan cooking class. (Classes resume after Covid 19.)

Our cooking class scheduled for April 5th, 2020 has been cancelled.

We will update the website with the next cooking class date when available.  

Location -  Rest Haven Church, 9300 Willingdon Rd, Sidney, B.C.

Come and experience a simple, healthy and affordable way of cooking the vegan way. 

Demonstrations and taste samples will be provided.  

It is very important to register early as this allows us to prepare the correct amount of sharing dishes for all our guests, space is limited.

Donations are always welcome, they help us to continue cooking classes.

We can be reached at